Approaches and labels

Billy Boste - logo Esprit Famille

Megève, a real paradise for families, is committed to an approach of quality hospitality and welcome to ensure that your holidays are unforgettable and full of wonderful memories.

Share wonderful moments around events dedicated to children. Moments that gather different generations together with the same force of complicity.

You will also find different services, adapted and personalized, with the resort’s professionals who have chosen to follow this approach.

So don’t hesitate to join the mascot Billy Bosteu, wonderful adventures guaranteed…


Because sport is something to enjoy and share…because it brings together children, teenagers, parents and the elderly, and because it promotes a sense of cohesion. Because we also play sport for pleasure, outside of competitions…

Because sport has traditionally been an important part of Megève life….the Municipality has developed a new label which aims to bring together all ages, novices and experts alike. Whether you’re attending a course at the Palais, participating in a recreational activity or another event, join us to celebrate this “Spirit of Sport.”