Frequently asked questions

Are very young children allowed in the balneotherapy-fitness area?

Children under the age of 5 are only allowed in the balneotherapy-fitness area on Sunday mornings, from 10am to midday, during Family Time.

Are the pool changing rooms safe?

Yes, we have lockers fitted with combination locks in the pool changing rooms as well as in the climbing and fitness areas.

Can you rent towels to use in the pool area?

Yes, they cost €5 each, payable at reception/cash desk. The fitness area provides the same service. You can also purchase Megève / Le Palais Sports Centre towels for €36 and €24 each.

Do you provide rental swimsuits?

No, but there are vending machines where you can purchase swimming equipment and accessories.

Are men allowed to wear board shorts.

Shorts and baggy trunks are not permitted. Only proper swimwear is permitted.

Are swim hats compulsory?

No, but they are recommended for groups. Long hair must be tied back.

Is the pool supervised?

Yes, we have a team of lifeguards who supervise swimming areas during opening hours.

At what age can children enter the pool area unaccompanied?

Only children aged 8 years and over can enter the pool unaccompanied.

At what age do children have to pay for admission to the Palais facilities?

Children have to pay from the age of 5 years.

Does a pool ticket include access to the sauna/steam room?

No, you need to buy two separate tickets. €6.50 for the sports facilities and €15 for the pool and sauna/steam room.

Can you take your stroller or buggy to the poolside area?

No, there is a storage area for strollers on the changing room level. Only a carry seat is permitted by the poolside.

Can you wear your normal outdoor clothing in the indoor poolside area?

No, for hygiene reasons, you are required to wear swimwear.

Is climbing equipment provided.

Ropes are provided; shoes and harnesses are available to rent for €3.

Do you offer climbing lessons?

Yes. We suggest you contact the following private stakeholders: Jean-Baptiste Gondouin (+33 (0)6 32 39 07 30) Maxime Furiga (+33 (0)6 52 09 05 71) Sébastien Tavares Gomes (+33 (0)6 16 24 80 62) as well as Megève Mountain Guides Office (+33 (0)4 50 21 55 11).

Do you offer skating or curling lessons?

Yes, you can contact Thibaut Schuffenecker on +33 (0)603015142 about both skating and curling classes, and Amandine Bracciali on +33 (0)614224927 for just skating.

Can I book a trainer for the fitness centre?

Yes. You just need to contact the reception/cash desk on +33 (0)4 50 21 15 71 and they will transfer you to the fitness centre.

Can you book swimming lessons and courses?

Yes, contact the Palais reception/cash desk on +33 (0)4 50 21 15 71.

Do you offer tennis lessons or run courses?

Yes. Please contact the chalet de la plaine office on +33 (0)4 50 21 59 10.

Do you have to wear a helmet when ice-skating?

No; however it is strongly recommended.

Do I have to pay for parking if I am using the facilities at the Palais des Sports?

Yes. All visitors must pay for parking.