General sales conditions

Our facilities and spaces are subject to internal rules and regulations. These rules are available from the Palais reception/cash desk. Purchasing an entry ticket to any of our facilities constitutes an implied acceptance of all regulations and general terms and conditions.


I. General guidelines

The following terms and conditions apply to the purchase of services available at the Palais Sports Centre, located at 247 route du Palais des Sports, provided by the Municipality of Megève local authority, located at 1 place de l’Église, BP 23, 74120 MEGÈVE, company registration number 21740173600012.

Customers are made aware of this information before making any commitment. By making a purchase, the customer explicitly acknowledges that he/she is fully aware of the current terms and conditions which are freely available at the Palais cash desks.

These terms and conditions may be revised at any time. Any new regulations introduced will only come in to force once said regulations have been published.


A. Membership passes

When you buy any membership pass, you also need to purchase an accompanying wristband.

Fee calculations automatically factor in any days when the centre is closed for public holidays or regulatory and technical inspections. No extensions will be granted on these grounds.

Season passes are valid until the date indicated in the brochure. Prices are calculated accordingly. As with 1, 3, 6 and 12 month membership passes, season passes are valid from the start to the expiry date irrespective of any technical or unforeseen closures that may occur within these dates.

Membership passes or packages are non-transferable. To prevent any confusion, photos are taken at the time of purchase. Spot checks will be carried out and, in the event of fraudulent activity, the key card will be cancelled with no refund issued to the card holder.


B. Rates

Special rates can only be applied on presentation of up-to-date supporting documentation (residence permit, Vivre Megève residence card, work ID, student card, disabled card etc.). The same also applies when renewing passes.

The minimum group size eligible for discounted rates is determined by price regulations. The size of the group is calculated by combining adults and children. A single payment must be made by the group leader. Groups must present themselves at the cash desk with the “voucher” they have been given, detailing the number of adult and child participants, the date of the activity, and the name and signature of the leader.

Collective organizations, eligible for a special account, must provide supporting documentation from their organization, detailing the number of persons to be included on the invoice.


C. Wristbands - Keycards

If a customer forgets his/her keycard, he/she will need to purchase a single entry ticket. Customers are responsible for any unauthorised use of their entry card in the event that it is lost, stolen or used for fraudulent purposes.

Customers who lose their wristband will not be reimbursed for any unused sessions. Customers must inform the reception/cash desk of the loss but do not need to submit proof of purchase. Users who have lost their wristbands must provide proof of identity. The number will be cancelled and any unused sessions will be transferred on to a new wristband which the customer will need to purchase.


D. Refunds

Refunds or extensions can only be granted for medical reasons and on presentation of supporting evidence. Requests for refunds must be made in writing and accompanied by bank details. Refunds will be made by bank transfer within one month following approval by management. Refunds will be calculated on a pro rata basis.

Personal data about our customers will not be shared with any other organisation. However, this information is required so we can inform customers about changes to opening and closing times, and cancellation of classes in exceptional circumstances etc.

Group rates are available for groups of 20 or more, made up of a combination of adults and children. Collective organizations, eligible for a special account, must provide supporting documentation from their organization, detailing the number of persons to be included on the invoice.


E. Personal objects

You are advised not to leave valuables in the lockers or leave your possessions unattended in any area. The Municipality of Megève and its representatives cannot, under any circumstances, be presumed to have custodial responsibility for visitors’ personal belongings and are not, therefore, responsible for storage and supervision of said personal belongings. As such, they cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident, total or partial damage to belongings or any kind of theft that occurs within the Palais. The Municipality of Megève will not be held responsible for any damage to property regularly stored in its lockers, whether due to faulty facilities or equipment or caused by one of its staff members or contractors. It cannot be held accountable in the event of unforeseen circumstances or a force majeure event.


F. Protection of personal data

The personal data of our customers is only collected to manage and monitor access to our facilities and spaces, to disseminate information about different events held at the resort or centre and to inform customers about the unscheduled closure of certain areas. This information will not be shared with other organisations. The Municipality of Megève is committed to protecting the privacy of customers’ personal data. In accordance with the Law on “Information technology and civil liberties” of January 6, 1978, amended in 2004, you have the right to access and rectify information that may concern you; this right may be exercised in writing and sent to or to the following address: Municipality of Megève, 1 place de l'Eglise, BP 23, 74120 MEGEVE. You may also, for legitimate reasons, contest the processing of any personal data.


II. Aquatic centre (swimming and balneotherapy-fitness)

Information displayed at the reception/cash desk, and in the changing rooms, reminds visitors that baggy swimming trunks and board shorts are not permitted for reasons of hygiene. As such, no refunds can be claimed for this reason. A vending machine, selling swimming briefs, is located at the reception/cash desk and in the changing rooms to ensure visitors comply with regulations.

The use of buggies or strollers is not permitted in the aquatic centre. A storage room is available for buggies and strollers.

Any child under 8 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or a young person of 14 or over.

Children under the age of 5 are only granted access to the balneotherapy-fitness area during specially allocated timeslots ie “Family Time”


III. Fitness centre

Children under the age of 15 are not permitted in this area, even if accompanied by an adult.

Members are required to wear indoor trainers and use a towel to protect machinery. Towels can be purchased at the cash desk, if you forget to bring one.


IV. Climbing area

Only customers dressed appropriately, who have already attended an orientation session, can enjoy unrestricted access. Only climbers wearing climbing shoes and clothing that has not been worn outdoors, will be granted admission to the climbing hall.

Customers wishing to attend an orientation session must contact a professional who will organise the required training. Payment of entrance fee only grants access to the climbing area. Climbing orientation sessions and equipment hire must be paid for by the customer.

The use magnesium powder is strictly forbidden. The use of block or liquid magnesium is permitted (not sold on site).


V. Indoor tennis facilities

Fee calculations factor in scheduled events and planned use of the facilities (elections, functions, matches, non-profit meals, races etc.) No refunds can be claimed on these grounds.

Courts can be reserved at the reception/cash desk. Only members are able to make telephone bookings.


VI. Skating area

Users are strongly advised to wear a protective helmet and gloves, as well as warm clothing. Helmets may be borrowed but, if so, customers must wear a protective hairnet.

Skating aids can be hired at the Palais entrance when you buy your admission ticket.


VII. Games area

No entry ticket or booking is required for table football. Balls can be purchased at the reception/cash desk.

Entry tickets must be purchased for all other courts and pitches (badminton, basketball, handball, indoor football, football, table-tennis, mini-golf.) Equipment can be hired (for payment) when purchasing your entry ticket or loaned in the case of mini-golf or table tennis.



Access to the SPA is by reservation only.

Information available at the reception/ticket desk, and in the changing rooms, reminds visitors that baggy swimming trunks and board shorts are not permitted for reasons of hygiene. As such, no refunds can be claimed for this reason. A vending machine, selling swimming briefs, is located at the reception/cash desk to ensure visitors comply with regulations.

Beauty treatments are available by appointment only, in accordance with procedures set out below. Bookings that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are payable in full; similarly, treatment times cannot be extended for late arrivals. All no-shows will be invoiced in full and/or result in the cancellation of the associated gift voucher, without compensation.

Promotional offers (gift vouchers) are valid for one year; these must be shown at the time of the appointment, otherwise you will be charged for your treatment.